I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did staging our home.  With our two dogs barking, my 4 year old running around, and my mom visiting from out of town you still managed to make magic.  My house looked fantastic for the open house and we got an offer the second day the house was listed.  I know that we would not have sold so quickly without your expert staging.

You made my house look bigger, newer and better than it ever did with all of our clutter in it.  I wish you could come to our new house in NY and help us decide where to put all of our furniture, art, and other stuff.  You made the house flow so much better.  We are even sadder to leave now that you made our house look spectacular.

I emailed pictures to my friends and family back east and they all think you are a miracle worker.  Anyone selling their house should have you come in first - people who are not selling should hire you to come in and rework what they have and they will feel like they are in a brand new house already.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Leana Fisher